"Dog" is one of the main characters in the series. His name is in quotations because his real name has not yet been revealed. His code name is, "Dog", which was given to him by the creators, Vincal and Josh, because he looks like a fucking dog. "Dog" isn't the best when it comes to solving mazes, but he is brave in the face of danger, but knows when he's outmatched and is able to calmly create a game plan quickly. "Dog" is Whorses's right hand man and best friend and so far no other family or friends of his has been revaled, much like Whorses. Whorses and "Dog" are also able to teleport between each other through their cell phones.

Despite is code name being, "Dog", "Dog" is of the Whorses species.

When "Dog" gains enough experience points he upgrades.